I'm available for school visits and can offer

a variety of workshops. All workshops are

themed around writing techniques and,

where relevant, consider PAF*.


I have also created workshops which incorporates P4C**.  The topics within #galaxygirl are rich with possibilities for building higher order thinking, questioning, speaking and listening skills


With 20 years of teaching experience, of a high-quality, interactive learning experience for your students. 

I have experience of developing and delivering project-based learning, planned around the 4Rs of Claxton's Building Learning Power. Plus, delivering lessons and workshops to thousands of students and adults over the years.

Please note, I am based in Dorset/Hampshire, so can only do half-day workshops local to this area. However, if you live further afield and would like to book I'll happily travel to deliver a full-day of workshops.


Contact me to discuss my reasonable

rates and book a visit...


*Purpose, audience and form

**Philosophy for Children

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