Creative Writing

Age: school years 5, 6, 7 and 8

Length: 60 minutes (flexible)

Group size: small to class-size


Learning outcomes:

a) Students will understand key elements of the writing process. 

b) Students will produce a short piece of writing, applying their understanding.

c) Students will be enthused to read and write..




I will deliver a workshop on any of the following:


  • Plotting a good story

  • Developing believable characters

  • Worldbuilding & settings

  • Using figurative language to enhance descriptive writing


We will explore the chosen theme using props and extracts,* considering purpose and audience, alongside a number of activities and games. There will be a Q&A session. Students will be given time to put into practice the skills we've explored.


If time permits I will pair them up to critique their peer's work.


These are standalone workshops, they can be repeated to a number of different classes across a full-day. Or they may be combined to create a full-day of creative writing workshops for your class. Please visit my 'full-day' page for more details: 


*If you would like me to work with specific texts that you are studying please let me know.

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